WMB – Getting You A Better Deal

At WMB (Wealth Mortgage Broking) we help our clients to find a better deal for their home and investment property loans and build wealth creation plans that match their idea of financial freedom.

Our clients like dealing with us because we offer a personalised service combined with great rates. Our clients often tell us that we provide a service that was not readily available from their bank.

The WMB philosophy and four step process:

  1. Take time to understand your personal situation and wealth creation goals
  2. Search for and structure the most cost effective finance deal which meets your needs
  3. Complete, submit and settle your loan application
  4. Meet annually to review your loan to ensure it is still the best deal for your current circumstances.

We concentrate our efforts on Sydney’s coastal corridor from the north shore, through the city to the eastern and southern suburbs.

Why use WMB for your loans and finance needs?

  • We have vast experience in banking and finance
  • We make it easy for you – our loan software instantly compares the offers of over 30 lenders with hundreds of product alternatives
  • Lenders often provide special deals through mortgage brokers which are not always available to the general public
  • We can provide a holistic financial service through our strategic alliance with Northern Wealth Advisory Group
  • The savings you make on a better loan deal can be utilised for quicker debt reduction, or additional wealth creation strategies such as negative gearing and salary sacrificing

Why are more Australians using mortgage brokers? Australians want choice, flexibility and personal service beyond what their local bank branch can offer.

Did you know that 43% of all Australian mortgages are now written through mortgage brokers? This percentage continues to rise – (Australian Mortgage Industry Volume 15, Fujitsu Consulting March 2012)

Why should you find a better deal on your loans?

A small reduction of only 0.2% p.a. off your interest rate on the average $500,000 home loan could save you $53, 499 – (based on a 25 year mortgage at 5% p.a.). You owe it to yourself and your family to find a better deal.

If savings like this are meaningful to you and you are serious about building your wealth, please contact us for a conversation to discuss some attractive finance options that meet your needs.

Your next steps

We are here to help you find a better mortgage and finance deal. Call James now on 0438 469 900 to arrange a convenient time for a conversation. Alternatively, make an inquiry at our Contact Page.